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The Chair of NCDA Intergroup will list open service positions in the NCDA Eblast and if you are interested in being of service please contact the Chair.


​Your service is greatly appreciated

How does the Eblast Guardian help your meeting?  The Eblast Guardian adds your group's event information by date order to the Eblast and sends it to 700 + DA members.


Please include your Group Number and send a JPEG of your flyer when submitting an item to the Eblast Guardian. 


Group Numbers are obtained by registering your meeting with DebtorsAnonymous.Org.  Your group may already have one – check the Meeting List on this website.


If you receive the Eblast, but can't see the images, look near the top of the email which contained the Eblast for the words "Display Images Below" in Blue Lettering and Click on that phrase to display the images.

How does the Email Guardian help your meeting?  The Email Guardian has the oversight of all the emails including the one created for your group.  If you have not used your new email account, have your meeting Secretary contact the Email Guardian and they will provide them with a password and instructions on how to access the email.

The Email Guardian can reset the password if necessary.

Please note only registered groups will have email privileges.

The Event Chair produces the two annual NCDA Intergroup events: DO DA DAY and Winter Lights (this year and moving forward we're doing Spring Lights 2017 +).

​If you have suggestions for workshops or keynote speakers please send them to the Event Chair. If you are interested in volunteering email the Volunteer Coordinator.


Your service is greatly appreciated.

The Prosperity Times has a brand new full color digital format, so it not only beautiful it helps the environment! ​


If you or your meeting wants a printed copy of the Prosperity Times, a PDF of current and past issues will be available on this website under the Resource page.

Intergroup's Public Info Chair is hosting a grassroots PI Outreach call monthly called  Together Let's Grow DA to help groups grow their membership.

You are welcome to join us on the 3rd Saturday of the month @ 10 am (PT)



Please feel free to email us with any questions about PI Outreach.

The NCDA Treasurer handles all the funds for NCDA Intergroup.  If your group has questions about making donations to the NCDA Intergroup, then email our Treasurer.  We appreciate any and all donations - every bit helps.  Thank you.

The Volunteer Coordinator helps the Event Chair with volunteers at DO DA DAY and Spring Lights (has been called Winter Lights in the past).  If you would like to participate please email the Volunteer Coordinator.

We greatly appreciate your service.

How does the Web Guardian help your meeting?  The Web Guardian updates meeting information and posts event flyers for group events.  Please make sure to include your Group Number to post an event to the site.

If your group is not a registered DA group, go to and register your meeting.

The Web Guardian cannot edit your flyer, so please send your print ready flyer as a JPEG (or PDF) to the Web Guardian. 

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