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Spring Lights

NCDA Intergroup Public Info Outreach

Did you know:

  • That 45% of the meetings in the NorCal region have closed between 2012 and 2017?

  • That DA's membership nationally is 5000 members and has remained there for 20 years?

  • That some states in the U.S. have only one or two meetings in the whole state?

  • That the following states don't have a single DA face-to-face meeting: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, S. Carolina, S. Dakota, W. Virginia?

  • Many states don't have an Intergroup and if they do they have only a few members?









What's the solution?​

  • Doing grassroots Public Info Outreach (PI).


Yes, yes, yes, but:

  • Will public info outreach really make a difference?

  • Is it difficult, time consuming, and generally un-fun?

  • What about my anonymity - after all, I don't want people to know I'm in DA?

  • I'm not Media Contact Trained - don't you have to be camera ready?


​Whoa, whoa, whoa . . . we're not leaping over buildings here.

  • We're talking about starting with putting up a flyer on a bulletin board in the place where our  regular DA / BDA meeting meets.  There are likely other 12 Step Programs that meet in that  same place and they've likely never heard of DA. We can help you get started.


  • If you're a professional and know that others in your profession would benefit by having DA information to pass on to their clients.  We can help with this too.

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