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Virtual Video Conference

For some of the meetings, you will need to register and/or get the password from the meeting coordinator, as some meetings do not want to publish the passwords for security reasons.  Other meetings will provide the password, it is done on a case by case basis.  If a password is required and no contact is listed, send an email to: We will try to put you in touch with the right person.

Debtors Anonymous does not endorse any particular video conferencing platform.

Many meetings have been using Zoom so this is information pertaining to that platform:

Click on the Zoom link provided by the DA group you'd like to attend.

You may have to put in an ID and password which will be listed in the group's listing.  Click 'Join".  

When coming in to a video conference meeting it is a good idea to connect to the meeting 5 minutes beforehand.

The secretary will then admit you in from the waiting room. This allows the meeting to start on time for all participants.

For those of you are dialing into a Zoom Meeting,  please use the following keys to mute and unmute yourself and to raise your hand.

*6 - Toggle to mute/unmute      *9 - Raise hand

Once you call in, you will need to provide the meeting ID followed by the # sign.

Phone numbers to use if you are calling in on Zoom Meeting, rather than connecting online: 

+16699006833 US (San Jose)                    +13462487799 US (Houston)


Virtual Meetings by Day

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