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Let's Grow DA Public Info Workshops

If We Sound Like A Broken Record ~

 It's Because We Care

Did you know:

  • That 45% of the meetings in the NorCal region have closed between 2012 and 2017?

  • That DA's membership nationally is 5000 members and has remained there for 20 years?

  • That some states in the U.S. have only one or two meetings in the whole state?

  • That the following states don't have a single DA face-to-face meeting: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, S. Carolina, S. Dakota, W. Virginia?

  • Many states don't have an Intergroup and if they do they have only a few members?









What's the solution?​

  • Doing grassroots Public Info Outreach (PI).


Yes, yes, yes, but:

  • Will public info outreach really make a difference?

  • Is it difficult, time consuming, and generally un-fun?

  • What about my anonymity - after all, I don't want people to know I'm in DA?

  • I'm not Media Contact Trained - don't you have to be camera ready?


​Whoa, whoa, whoa . . . we're not leaping over buildings here.

  • We're talking about starting with putting up a flyer on a bulletin board in the place where our  regular DA / BDA meeting meets.  There are likely other 12 Step Programs that meet in that  same place and they've likely never heard of DA. We can help you get started.


  • If you're a professional and know that others in your profession would benefit by having DA information to pass on to their clients.  We can help with this too.

Join the monthly

Let's Grow DA Public Information Workshops!

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