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NCDA Intergroup

The purpose of the NCDA Intergroup is the coordination of Debtors Anonymous activities common to various groups comprising its membership. Such activities include:

Furthering the Debtors Anonymous program in accordance with the Twelve Traditions of Debtors Anonymous;

Maintaining a communication network for Debtors Anonymous in this area.

The mission of Intergroup is to carry the message and to serve these meetings. Currently it accomplishes this by:

  • Providing a forum for discussion between meeting representatives to compare notes and share information.

  • Maintaining and distributing regular meeting lists (the Prosperity Times newsletter).

  • Sponsoring two recovery events each year that are open to the whole membership.

  • Maintaining a reserve of DA literature that is available for purchase at events.

  • Maintaining a telephone information line to let people know about local meetings.

  • Maintaining this website.

  • Acting as a liaison between the group and the public media.

  • Sending a representative to the DA World Service Conference on behalf of all the area meetings.

Join us @ NCDA Intergroup:

Address:  St. Teresa of Avila Church, 1490 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Note:        Enter the church hall on Connecticut Street between 18th and                                    19th Streets.


Dates:      INTERGROUP meets the 4th Saturday of the month JANUARY to                                 OCTOBER


                INTERGROUP meets the 3rd Saturday of the month NOVEMBER and                          DECEMBER

Time:       10:15 AM to 12:45 PM

Parking:   Free Street Parking

How to make a donation to NCDA Intergroup:

  • Make check or cashier's check payable to NCDA Intergroup.

  • Include your Group Number on the check.

  • If you don't know your Group Number look it up on the Meeting List on the Meeting Page of this website.

  • Include an email so that we can send you a Thank You and Receipt.

NCDA Intergroup Mailing Address:

NCDA Intergroup

P.O. Box 411282

San Francisco, Ca 94141

(415) 295-6232

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